Our Mission

"Our mission is to improve the everyday health of our patients by empowering them to access, understand, and manage their health through technology."

Our Story

MedEssist is a collaborative project by practicing pharmacists.  As pharmacists, we understand not only the patient experience, but also the need to support our community pharmacies.

Our Code of Values

At MedEssist, the trust of our patients is our most cherished commodity. To maintain our focus, we pledge the following:

1) We are a healthcare company first and foremost. Our mission is to build products that improve the health of our patients
2) The core health benefits of our products and services will always be free to our patients
3) We will always safeguard the privacy of our patients and will never sell or distribute personal information to a third party

4) We will never distribute misleading or unsubstantiated information to our patients

5) We will never impede or produce barriers to our patient's choice of medication, pharmacy, or healthcare provider

6) We will always strive to build a seamless user experience free of advertising interruptions

Our Innovation Partners


Our Development Partner

Evenset Inc. is a Toronto-based mobile and web application development company with a specialty in the medical and healthcare industry.  

Contact Us:

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or call us at (647) 228-4551 (Mondays to Fridays 9am-5pm)