COVID-19 Testing with MedEssist

Manage your patients with automated screening that keeps your pharmacy physically distanced, safe, and paperless

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    Current Situation:
    There is an increasing demand for COVID-19 testing in assessment centres following the colder weather, the influenza season, and the return of students to school last month. In Alberta and Ontario, the provincial government has allowed asymptomatic COVID-19 testing within community pharmacies in order to increase accessibility and alleviate the pressure on assessment centres. To receive COVID-19 testing in pharmacies, patients must be asymptomatic and meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the provincial government, such as planning a visit to a long term care home.

    Pharmacists must balance performing asymptomatic COVID-19 test screening, completing documentation, managing appointments, and collecting and storing throat or shallow nasal swabs in addition to their already demanding workload. The workload is increasingly difficult to manage, especially with the start of this influenza vaccination season. Many pharmacists currently conducting COVID-19 testing report lack of sufficient staffing to perform screening and lack of infrastructure around public demand. The majority of patients calling do not meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the provincial government.

    MedEssist Solution:
    MedEssist streamlines the asymptomatic COVID-19 testing process. Our platform screens every patient to ensure only eligible, asymptomatic individuals book appointments at your pharmacy, freeing up phone lines and staff so your pharmacy team can focus on positively impacting your community through expanding your services. For proper documentation and audit purposes, electronic consent and the reason for testing is recorded for each individual in a PHIPA compliant manner. Our system seamlessly integrates both COVID-19 testing and influenza vaccine appointments to prevent crowding and maintain physical distancing at your pharmacy.

    Interested in seeing how it works? Watch this video for a quick demo.

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Resources for pharmacists:
Ontario Pharmacy Association’s Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing in Pharmacy training module
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