E-Prescribing with Hypercare and MedEssist

Powering a new E-Prescribing mobile platform

Victoria Copp

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many physicians are working off site and unable to give patients prescriptions in an easy or efficient manner. Physicians cannot use their computer systems or fax machines when they aren’t in the office and require a safe and effective manner of sending prescriptions to pharmacies. Some physicians are currently calling pharmacies with prescriptions, sending prescriptions in an insecure manner, or using other strenuous methods to ensure patients are receiving the medications they need.

    MedEssist Solution:
    MedEssist has partnered with Hypercare, a clinician messaging network, that allows physicians to prescribe from anywhere using a mobile device. This will allow physicians to ensure that all their patients have access to their prescriptions and improves the physicians ability to prescribe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hypercare is offering their full service for free during the COVID-19 crisis.

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