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Helping to address medication shortages

Victoria Copp

    The pandemic is worsening medication shortages. Pharmacies nationwide are now directed to dispense 30-day supply at a time. Patients and pharmacies are having trouble sourcing and accessing vital medicines. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic blocks and delays in the supply chain and logistics of pharmaceuticals have caused shortages in the medications needed by patients. Critically, much of the supply of medications that could be vital in COVID-19 treatment is stored on pharmacy shelves.

    MedEssist Solution:
    MedEssist will allow pharmacies and hospitals coordinate medication inventory to address shortages with a new platform. Pharmacies will now be able to access the inventory platform to procure necessary drugs from other pharmacies, helping to find the medications their patients need. Hospitals are also susceptible to drug shortages and through the inventory platform hospitals can source vital medications from local pharmacies that can be used to treat COVID-19 patients.

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