MedEssist COVID-19 Response

MedEssist is dedicated to improving the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic through our platform.

Victoria Copp
  • MedEssist will enable all Canadians to order medications from any pharmacy using their phone or computer by scanning any pharmacy receipt. This ensures social distancing and decreases the number of patients entering or waiting at pharmacies to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to our most vulnerable population.

  • MedEssist will allow hospitals and pharmacies to share inventory to address medication shortages. Patients can use MedEssist to locate pharmacies with a supply of the medications they need.

  • MedEssist aims to streamline the administration of COVID-19 testing kits, antibody tests, or vaccines by handling documentation, scheduling, and triaging Canadians and directing them to local clinics and pharmacies based on risk factors and local supply.

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