COVID-19 Vaccinations

Safe, ethical, and efficient vaccine administration.

Victoria Copp

    Last year only 1/3 of the Canadian population received the annual flu vaccination and yet there were still many issues with the production, distribution, and administration that led to massive delays in the release of the flu vaccine. The demand for the COVID-19 vaccine is going to be significantly greater than the annual flu vaccine. Therefore, it is critical to COVID-19 recovery that we find a method to administer vaccinations efficiently and selectively, at a scale than has ever been attempted previously.

    MedEssist Solution:
    MedEssist will streamline public administration for the healthcare system and triage the public for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. This solution addresses the critical need to allocate vaccines to high risk areas and vulnerable populations. The MedEssist vaccination platform will enable pharmacies to administer vaccinations to patients while physical distancing and prevent further spread of COVID-19 at the site of vaccination. For the government and health systems the vaccination platform enables them to actively fight COVID-19 using the vaccine!

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