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Everything you need to access MedEssist services today. MedEssist is a collaborative project by practicing pharmacists. As pharmacists, we understand not only the patient experience, but also the need to support our community pharmacies.

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What is it like to work with the MedEssist® System?

Easy! MedEssist® seamlessly integrates into your workflow and runs in the background so whenever there’s an order, it gets printed off the same printer as your labels. No extra training or dashboard! No need to train relief staff!

Is it possible to try out the MedEssist® platform at my pharmacy?

Yes, in fact you can try it right now with the sample receipts on our website, here. We offer a free 1 month trial so you can see how we work seamlessly with your system & you have plenty of time to implement it into your site.

Can I see what MedEssist® looks like for patients?

Yes, in fact you can try it right now with the sample receipts on our website, here. Just download the app from the App store and you’re good to go!

How long does it take to get set up MedEssist® at my pharmacy?

If you’re in the GTA, our team will meet with you in person. Installation takes just 5 minutes! After which, we walk you & any staff through the app, discuss ways of getting the most value out of the system, including tips on getting patients onboard & how to bring in new business with MedEssist®. Contact Us today!

Can I install MedEssist® if my pharmacy is not located in the GTA or Ontario?

Absolutely, we can set up MedEssist® through remote desktop sharing apps like Teamviewer.

Is MedEssist® available in other provinces like Alberta, BC, Nova Scotia?

Yes, we are available nationally, except Quebec. Email us to set up an appointment!

How is MedEssist® private and secure for patients?

Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and all our pharmacy partners. We’ve built MedEssist® in the most secure way possible: No patient information is stored on the app at all. Patients cannot save their name or any personal identifiers (e.g. name, date of birth, age, etc) Medication lists are not stored on the “cloud”. Everything that’s added to your phone stays on your phone. Mobile refills only contain the medication name & prescription number.

How can patients that do not have a smart phone order their medications?

MedEssist® web services takes care of your domain, website, and social media for a nominal monthly fee. Online website refills connect to the same MedEssist® system. Older patients can visit your pharmacy website in the convenience of their homes and order their medications through the same platform seamlessly. If you already have a website that accepts online refills, contact us and we will help you redirect those orders so they print off automatically just like any MedEssist® order.

What types of patients use the MedEssist platform?

MedEssist is the most easy to use and accessible platform ever. With our quick scanning error-free technology, patients of any age can add their medications to the platform seamlessly and be guided daily through each of their doses. Older patients love the dose reminders, medication record keeping, and medication information features and younger patients love ordering their medications ahead of time. You never have to wait at the pharmacy again!

What kind of support is available to help me implement MedEssist into my practice?

We provide with everything you need. We put up posters at your site and the surrounding doctor’s clinics. We also give out flyers which you can easily staple to the bag of any patient at checkout. Most patients download the app on their own at home! It’s THAT easy!

What happens when a patient adds a medication from another pharmacy?

Patients cannot search for another pharmacy on our platform. MedEssist® is designed to help you retain your patients. Patients can only change pharmacies when adding a medication from another pharmacy receipt. When this happens, patients are prompted if they are permanently switching pharmacies. If they are still a patient of your pharmacy, you will be provided with the Rx number and the other pharmacy phone number so that you can call for a transfer.

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